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Changing Seasons?

I had this post all planned in my head.  We’d had some cool days, lower humidity, and the evenings were coming earlier, all adding up to a change of seasons.  Fall coming!  So I was going to write about preparing to move indoors, books waiting to be read, recipes to try, artwork to do….about planting the fall garden, starting soups to simmer through the afternoon and evening, turning our thoughts inward just as our bodies are drawn inside…and then, back comes the heat, and even worse, the humidity, and even worse than that, we’re still not getting any rain.  Despite watering our collard and turnip seeds, they aren’t sprouting.  And who wants to think of preparing or eating a hot soup when being outside is like being in a hot soup?  On the plus side, our cherry tomatoes are still bearing and some ripen everyday.  Some squashes that I started in peat pots and that Rod transplanted outside are doing very well (so we’ll see if it’s true that if you treat them as a fall plant, they won’t be bothered by vine borers.  A scientific experiment I know you’ll want to stay tuned for).  And the biggest plus of all, for me at least: I don’t like cold and northern winds.  I like the heat, although as I get older it affects me more.  Fall will come, and then winter, and it’ll be cold enough, soon enough, too soon for me.

So, to get ready for fall when it does decide to arrive, and for Samhain (also known as Halloween), here is a night picture of the Native American garden, with the dead and dying corn stalks and the waning green bean harvest:

And a picture of the harvest moon from the night of September 26th, through the top of a corn stalk:



  espirit07 wrote @

Mari — these two photos are dramatic in their simplicity and elegance. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

  shewolfy728 wrote @

I love the harvest moon photo especially. I do love fall, with the cooler weather….You’ll get there soon, Mari!

  lorigloyd wrote @

I’ve so enjoyed following your garden through the planting season. I hope you do get a real fall soon so we can see things really wrapping up.

And I do love the moon through the cornstalk. That is soooooo Halloweeny…….

  Heather Blakey wrote @

Hearing about the changes of your routine, in line with the seasons is fascinating Mari.

  jodhiay wrote @

I know it’s finally cooled off in New Jersey and feeling like fall (even a little rain!) so hopefully it’s happening to you, too. All my little garden plants are starting to wither and droop from the colder nights. My tomatoes are finito!

I know what you mean: hot soup in 80 degree weather just isn’t appetizing!

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