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A Visitor from Australia

This week we’ve had a visitor here at our house on the island.  She came all the way from Australia, and her journey was sponsored by a group called Soul Food.  She came for a purpose, besides just wanting to see the world.  Soul Food is a community of artists, writers, and creative people of all stripes who have expressed a desire to commit to a practice of daily writing or of daily art work.  Some people in the community write on blogs (like this one) for the world at large, some write in journals just for themselves, others use their creative abilities to inspire others.  There are also visual artists, photographers, digital artists, textile artists.  You can visit Soul Food here, or visit Riversleigh, an online community where many of these artists have virtual rooms where you can read or see their work.

The visitor, whose name is Priscilla, has undertaken this journey to foster unity within this artist’s community and to spark their creativity through her adventures as she travels the world.  She came from Australia, and is now here in North Carolina, and she’ll be traveling to other states here in the USA, then on to various countries in Europe, and then back to Australia.  She has a blog, which you can visit here, and she also carries with her a small journal to draw or paint or visually record her journey in.  She’s very artistic.

She’s also somewhat of a character.  Here she is, communing with the dead cornstalks in the garden.

I encourage you to check out her blog if you are interested in reading about Priscilla’s adventures and to see pictures of her touring Knotts Island, and visit Soul Food and Riversleigh to spark your own creative muse.  G’day, mates!



  Heather Blakey wrote @

This is a perfect description of Priscilla’s journey Mari. And what a tour it is going to be. It may take many seasons for her to reach her home base at Carnforth, in Melbourne Australia. But what wonderful stories she will have to share with us all. Do make sure to post any of those ghost stories on her blog as well as at Mrs Parson’s House so that we do have the complete collection there.
a warm hug

  Vi wrote @

You, Mari, are being a wonderful host. It’s obvious that Priscilla is enjoying her stay with you.

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