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Crock Pot Bread?

Who’da thunk it?  Not me, but apparently others have and did and now, I have not only thunk it but done it.  In our on-going search to find ways to cook things without using the big oven (Reason 1: it’s not working right now {or maybe it’s just our continuing fuse box problem?}; and 2: it uses beaucoup electricity), I found out that the crockpot that we have, a Rival 3 and 1/2 quart model, could be used to make bread.  Rival used to make an insert that you could buy (I don’t think they do anymore, this is an old crockpot) called the Bread ‘n Cake Bake Pan, which the e-Bay meister found on e-Bay (surprise!) and purchased for moi.

bread pan

Kinda purty, eh?  Here’s another view looking down inside:

bread pan

The pan came with an instruction and recipe sheet, and after perusing the recipes we decided to start with the Boston Brown Bread one.  Hey, who’s in the World Series, eh?

1 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup yellow cornmeal

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 cup dark molasses

1 and 1/2 cups buttermilk

1 cup chopped nuts (I used walnuts)

1 cup raisins

Combine flour, baking powder, soda and salt.  Stir in cornmeal and whole wheat flour.  Add molasses and buttermilk, beat well.  Stir in nuts and raisins.  Pour batter into a greased and floured Bread ‘n Cake Bake pan.  Pour one cup of water into crockpot, set pan inside.  Cover and bake on high 3 to 4 and 1/2 hours or until pick inserted in center comes out clean.

I used a butter-flavored pan spray to “grease” the inside of the pan, and began checking it with a long skewer after 3 hours.  I think it was actually ready at 4 and 1/2 hours, but we let it go another 15 minutes which was a little too long.  But it was good, dark and chunky with the raisins and nuts.

brown bread

Looks a little like a birthday cake, doesn’t it?  A little cream cheese icing, some candles…

Anyhow, it worked very well, and was a pleasant surprise.  The whole learning experience is a pleasant surprise, and my next culinary creation a la the crockpot will be the Pumpkin Tea Bread.   Halloween treat, n’est-ce pas?

PS~ Here’s a link to a PDF file for instructions and recipes:’n_Cake_Bake.pdf



  quinncreative wrote @

Boston Brown Bread is so yummy, and I’ve never had a recipe for it. The pot picture makes it look like a comfy and wonderful snack, although icing woudn’t be wrong, either!

  shewolfy728 wrote @

This sounds perfect for a nice autumn day!

  jodhiay wrote @

This looks GOOD.

  cherrie wrote @

This is what you can give me for Christmas! (the bread, not the insert!)

  Christi wrote @

I actually have Rivet crockpot with this insert; however, I don’t have the instructions and recipes. Could you email me copies? Thanks!

  Becky wrote @

I also have the insert, but no instructions. If someone has them and would email them to me I would appreciate it very much. Thanks Becky

  Bonnie wrote @

I just picked up one of the pans at my local thrift store. Your recipe looks delish and I will try it out this weekend. I see several people have asked about copies of the recipes for the insert. I’d love a copy of the recipes as well if anyone has a copy they can e mail. Many many thanks.

  Donna wrote @

I have a copy of the originall recipe sheet that came with my Bread ‘n Cake Bake Pan, and I’d be happy to send a scan of it to people who contact me. You can bake yeast breads in it, too, not just quick breads and cakes. I love my Bread ‘n Cake Pan, though for many things a big old coffee can with a loose foil lid will work as well, but just isn’t as easy to get out of the crockpot when done.

  John Wright wrote @

Would love a copy of the recipe sheet that came with Bread ‘n Cake Bake Pan. Used to have one, but crockpot bit the dust years ago, so discarded the pot. Just found an old Bake Pan at a thrift store–hope to learn to use it again.

Thank you! John

  Pat Payne wrote @

Hi Donna. Sure would love to have the Bread ‘n Bake recipes. Thanks. Pat

  Kim Upton wrote @

I found your post while searching for crock pot bread. We have no big oven right now…so I had to smile at the “no oven” aspect of this. 🙂

  Kim wrote @

Thanks for putting up the .pdf of the Rival recipe insert – I lost mine a couple years ago and have been missing the Pumpkin Tea Bread ever since! ♥

  Mary Corbett wrote @

Is there any way to purchase the bread insert. We cannot seem to locate it on the website. Do you know any other way besides Ebay?

  marimann wrote @

I don’t know of any place where you can purchase the insert besides ebay, where we got ours. If you cruised the secondhand stores you might get lucky though!

  Sharon wrote @

Hello. If anyone is out there, the following link in this article no longer works and I’m looking for instructions on how to use the Rival CrockPot Break’n Cake Pan. Thank you!

PDF file for instructions and recipes:’n_Cake_Bake.pdf

  Sharon wrote @

Or if you have them and can scan and email or copy and fax them that would be great. Thanks.

  marimann wrote @

Hi Sharon~ The link works for me, I’m not sure why it is not working for you. Try it again….'n_Cake_Bake.pdf wrote @

Hey this is somewhat of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use
WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting
a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get
guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  Sharon wrote @

Thanks so much Marimann. The pdf link you sent works, and the original one from the author is now working for me.

Here’s the one you sent. I copied the web address that appeared when I opened the file. Notice what is between “Bread%” and “n.” It is simply “27.”
This works! Thanks!

Now here’s the web address of what appears to be the same link, but shows a difference in the web address when it is opened. This time, instead of “27,” something else appears: “E2%80%99.”
Error 404 – Not Found
The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

I don’t understand why, I’m just grateful that I have a copy. Thanks again!

  marimann wrote @

You’re welcome, glad it’s working for you now! And if you make some bread, let me know how it comes out 🙂

  does green tea go bad wrote @

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