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Garden Update

It’s really beginning to be fall-ish here, the past couple of nights we’ve had temperatures in the mid-40’s and northerly winds…last Fiday and Saturday we even had a “northeaster”, very cold, high winds and low temps.  So I thought it would be a good time to get an update on the Native American garden and see what’s still growing.

In the Three Sisters garden, the corn stalks are completely dried up and are only acting as supports now for the lima beans.  It was a good crop of corn and we still have shucked ears in the freezer, waiting to be cooked, and there are still lots of lima beans on the vines, some drying but some still ripening and I’ve been picking and shelling them periodically.  We’ve discovered that the best way to have them is in a soup, takes some of the bitterness out of them.  I also discovered, through the magic of Google, that they were heirloom-type limas, called “King of the Garden”, a high yield variety introduced in 1883.  Supposedly they will keep bearing until frost!  I see a lot of bean-shelling ahead. 

Also still producing in the garden are some volunteer cherry tomatoes, and the green beans we planted are still putting out a bean or two.  We did get some yellow squash planted but not in this garden, we put four seedling plants in over on the west side of the yard.  They have blossoms and small squashes on them right now but these past two cold nights have set them back and the northeaster injured their leaves; it’ll be a race with time to see if the plants can grow their fruit large enough before the cold kills them.  But, no vine-borers (yet!)  Probably too cold for the little dears.



  espirit07 wrote @

I always feel like I’m in the garden when I view your work. The limas look pretty healthy!

  shewolfy728 wrote @

Mari- how wonderful that your garden is still producing. I forget how long the growing season is there!

  jodhiay wrote @

It’s so nice to see a garden that still has some green to it. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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