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The first- line contest has ended and I hope everyone who visited during these past few days, and those who entered, had as much fun giving their brain a work-out as I did coming up with this.  Our winner, Surrealist Gesture (read his blog here), was first with all the correct titles and authors.  The second entry, from Steve Posin (his entry is in the comments section of this post), also had all of the answers correct.  (I would have accepted either A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, Remembrance of Things Past, In Search of Lost Time or Swann’s Way for the Proust quote.  Trust Marcel to make things complicated.)  The third entry, from Quinn McDonald, had a couple of answers wrong but she made her entry interesting to read with her remembrances and remarks on the books.

And now, on to the challenge.  No, this challenge doesn’t have a goofy acronym like NaNoWriMo (if you are thinking “whut?” like I did the first time I saw this, google it).  I’ve seen these GoAcs (goofy acronyms) for everything from comitting to writing every day for a month to doing yoga every day to committing to thinking every day (just kidding on that last one).  On second thought, why buck a trend?  Let’s have a GoAc for this challenge:


It’s the Read Every Book in This Contest Challenge!  I give you one year.  The Prize?  There isn’t anything I could give you that would be of greater worth than what reading these authors will give you.


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  qviaje wrote @

I think this challenge is great!

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