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Wish me Happy Anniversary and maybe score free Seeds!

May 28th is this blog’s one-year anniversary and to commemorate the event, I’m going to give away some seeds from our collection to one lucky person.  What you need to do if you want to try for the seeds is write a 500 word essay on why we should all be planting our own gardens- no, just kidding.  Just leave a comment on this post and 24 hours from now, I’ll throw all your names into a rotating compost bin, tumble you around for awhile, and then draw out one slightly dirty winner.  Just kidding on that too, but I will choose someone in a random drawing. 

Last year we had great success with our corn and lima beans and I saved some of the seeds from both of those crops so a selection of them will be included in the prize.  Also some different varieties of flower seeds and other vegetables; if the winner will tell me where they live, we might be able to tailor the prize to their growing area.  Sound good?  Then get commenting and bonne chance!



  Marilyn Ming wrote @

What a great way to get your blog viewed! I had not been aware of it before.

I don’t have time right now, but I am going to bookmark and spend some time here.

I am 68 and trying to build an organic garden in my back yard in town, (Zone 5). I plan to offer to the public for donations and see how it goes plus find out who might be interested in what. Right now, I have built 7 beds (4’x4’x16″) and will have uprights in 3 of them for the climbers. I am digging down about 12″ between beds for the fill that is supplemented with horse manure and chipped small branches and leaves, etc.

So far, what I have in is doing well. The last several days have been quite cool and rainy so I think I might be on track for planting.

Good luck with your blog, and a very Happy Anniversary!


  Jennie wrote @

Congrats, Mari! I love that we’re turning “1” together! 🙂 And if I can get free seeds out of it, all the better! 😉 Seriously though, thanks for all your good blogging here and good comments over on mine. 🙂

  Sandie Goldstein wrote @

Hi, just found your site, how interesting. I’ve moved to NM and I’m just starting my garden, put my hot house up, and the wind blew it down, so I have a no fabric hot house. Put shade cloth on it and I’m trying to rebuild it. I’m also doing 4×4 gardening and 2×4 gardening. I’m also trying to learn how to live in a desert and garden. I look at your pond and wish I was there. Cool…..shade.

  Amy F wrote @

Happy anniversary!

I’m in zone 4a, which could make things a little interesting. I can’t pass up a contest 🙂

I haven’t planted the last of my hot-season crops yet (cukes, peppers, and pumpkins) because we had a chance of frost the other night. Summer will be here soon, right?

  fightingwindmills wrote @

Great contest! Happy Anniversary. Your blog is beautiful.

  ninepoundhammer wrote @

Those are some of my favourite things–home gardens, compost bins, and free seeds!

And beer.

  Lettie wrote @

OOh, fantastic idea. and quite a lovely blog, too. ~thanks

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