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Choosing the Seeds and Playing for Change

November 4th, 2008, we, the American people, choose our seeds for change.  January 20th, we planted our seeds.  As with all seeds and things that we plant, we have to give them time to sprout, to grow, to flower and fruit.  And also like with all the things we plant, we can’t just sit back and hope everything works the way we want.  We have our part to do as well: weed, water, tend. 

You thought this post was going to be about our garden, didn’t you?

It is.  We have been choosing the seeds for this year’s garden, mostly from Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seed catalog (  Here’s our list so far:

Red Marconi Sweet Peppers

Red Malabar Spinach

Scallop Squash

Thai Holy Basil

Russian Tarragon

Kenaf Hibiscus

Jet Black or Nigra Hollyhock

That’s 3 veggies, 2 herbs, and 2 flowers.  What will be interesting is seeing what comes up on it’s own this year; last year, the garden was nearly taken over by volunteer tomatoes, morning glories and gourds.  The basil we planted last year did really well and we allowed it to go to seed, so we may have the Invasion of the Basil Plants this year.

Here’s a picture of part of last year’s basil crop:

Basil in a Basket

Basil in a Basket

Need a little inspiration for change?  Try this:


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