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Not quite so contrary

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

People used to recite this nursery rhyme to me ad nauseum and I never liked it, because I never considered myself contrary.  My family may beg to differ.  My maternal grandmother used to call me bull-headed, which I thought appropriate since I am a Taurus, actually a Taurus/Gemini cusp, which since Gemini means the twins, qualifies me for bull-headed times three. 

Wait a minute, where were we?  Oh yes, how does the garden grow.  First, there’s the seeds:

Seed packets

Seed packets

I started a lot of my seeds in those little peat pellets you can buy that expand in water, then you plant your seeds in them.  After the seeds began sprouting and the weather was warming up outside, I moved them from our kitchen to the outdoors, so that they could begin to “harden off”, or toughen up to being outside.  If you don’t do this, they’ll get “leggy”.  Or bull-headed.

Then, after much weeding of the garden-space and making our hills (go here to see what I’m talking about), and after “all danger of frost has passed” (as the seed packets say), we started transplanting the little seedlings to the garden, like this heirloom tomato called Old Virginia:

Old Virginia Tomato

Old Virginia Tomato

In the background of the picture you can see our Swiss chard; this is it’s third year in the garden- it seems to come back every year all by itself, no help from us- except for some weeding around them.  We also planted, this year, some spring vegetables directly into the garden: here’s some peas:

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Peas

And some lettuce:

Summer Crisp Lettuce

Summer Crisp Lettuce

Here’s one of the garden workers, busy keeping aphids off of the lettuce:

Lady bug

Lady bug

If you should happen to be in the neighborhood, please stop by for some lettuce.  We have more of it in one of our other garden beds.  In this warm weather it won’t last long, so get some while the getting is good.

 One of the new seeds we are trying out this year is called White Scallop squash.  I started 3 of these in the peat pellets back in March, here’s one of them happily blooming outside:

White Bush Scallop Squash

White Bush Scallop Squash

Looks happy, anyway.  And of course, we planted corn directly into the ground (although I do know of someone who starts their corn in pots indoors, to get a jump on the rest of us.  But I mention no names).
Ruby Queen Corn

Ruby Queen Corn

Want to see a list of everything that’s growing or planted in the garden?  Sure you do.  Here it is:

Ï      4 pole beans

Ï      6 Cherokee wax beans

Ï      4 Purple pod beans

Ï      3 Poona kheera cucumbers

Ï      1 castor bean

Ï      3 sunflowers

Ï      3 White scallop squash

Ï      1 Table queen squash

Ï      1 yellow squash

Ï      1 spaghetti squash

Ï      3 okra plants

Ï      1 mystery eggplant

Ï      2 Thai eggplants

Ï      2 Black beauty eggplants

Ï      4 California wonder peppers

Ï      2 Roma tomatoes

Ï      3 Cherokee purple tomatoes

Ï      3 St. Pierre tomatoes

Ï      2 Old Virginia tomatoes

Ï      3 Golden Honeymoon melons

Ï      2 lavenders

Ï      1 Holy Basil

Ï      1 purple basil

Ï      1 watermelon plant

Ï      1 pumpkin plant

Ï      12 corn hills

Ï      2 pea hills

Ï      2 Swiss chard hills

Ï      Much lettuce

Ï      Much volunteer basil

Ï      7 potato hills

Ï      Many volunteer tomatoes

Thursday, May 28th is the second year anniversary of this blog.  Have a glass of wine to celebrate.  Don’t have any wine?  Then if you should happen to be on the island this Saturday (May 30, 2009), one of our local wineries is having an Art Show, and you can get yourself some wine while you’re here.  Here’s a link:
I’d go myself if I weren’t so bull-headed.

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