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Snake Tree

So I thought I’d try something new this year. I bought seeds to start a snake tree.

Snake Tree Seedlings

I put the seeds into little peat pots and within a few weeks, I had snake tree seedlings. When they got big enough, I transplanted them to the outdoors and a couple of months after that, I had my first fruit.

Snake Tree Fruit

My question is, how do I  know when it’s ripe and ready to pick?



  Barzilai wrote @

Ah, I get it. I first thought you meant Catalpas. But then I saw that garter snake.

Beautiful pictures on your site- especially the lotus.

  marimann wrote @

Thank you, Barzilai. This snake (it’s a black snake) got up in this beautyberry bush every morning for about a week, and would just hang out there till about noon. I think she/he was just enjoying the breeze and the slight swaying motion of the bush, sort of like a person would in a hammock.

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