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Come Make Some Art

Earlier this year, as a change from painting in acrylics and oils, I became interested in working in watercolor. I had a couple of “how to” watercolor books that I worked out of but also had a friend who had taken a workshop with a watercolor artist who does beautiful atmospheric works in a wet on wet style. This friend and I got together and she passed on some of what she’d learned to me. At about the same time another friend invited me to join her art group called stART which usually meets on Tuesdays in Pungo, VA. But this week we are meeting on Thursday, the 7th, at the Moonrise Bay Winery here on Knotts Island, from 2 pm to 5 pm. Do you have to be an artist to come? No. Do you have to be a craftsperson? No. Do you have to be someone who would like to spend time on beautiful Knotts Island for an afternoon, maybe hold a brush in your hand and create something of your own, while enjoying a glass or two or some lovely wines? Yes. And you know you want to be this person.

Knotts Island Lotus- a watercolor by me


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