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Spring Chickens and St. Paddy’s Day

My house is currently full of potential life

In a stockpot in the kitchen, resting on a heating pad, are fifteen Bantam eggs due to hatch tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day. If any do hatch, I plan to baptize all the babies with Irish names, like Fiona or Fergus.

In the bathroom, in a real incubator (as opposed to a stockpot), are 18 eggs from our hens, due to hatch at the end of the month. If any of these babies hatch, I’ll call them April Fools.

In trays in the kitchen, the living room and the greenhouse (now there’s a novel idea), are seeds in potting soil, waiting to turn into seedlings and then make the transition to the outside, when they are old enough and it is warm enough. I plan to name them Lunch and Dinner. Maybe Breakfast.

And tomorrow I have named Spring Chicken and St. Paddy’s Day Art Gathering, which I invite you to attend, details here.



  pobept wrote @

Hehehe, I also hatched 14 Bantam chicks, in the last 4 day’s, but I did it the old faction way. I stuck 7 eggs each under 2 broody hens they did all the real work for me 🙂
Happy St. Patrick’s day and have a fun gardening year.

  marimann wrote @

That’s great! I kept hoping one of our hens would go broody so we could let her do the work but none of them applied for the job. Thanks for the comment and happy gardening to you too.

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