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An aeclectic look at the nearby world

Parisian by Heart

Parisian by Heart

“I do not know how to distinguish between our waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are?”

 Henry David Thoreau

“From her home on an island in North Carolina, a mysterious longing for Paris, France, leads a budding writer into the world of her dreams and imagination – or so she believes. Her guides and companions on this trip include two writers and an artist who drew so vividly from their lives and imaginations that the world cannot forget their visions. They share stories and memories of times together, and the discovery that their lives are intertwined in unexpected ways. The writers are Marcel Proust and Charles Dickens, and the artist is the tortured and driven Vincent van Gogh.

The story begins in our traveler’s home, within her familiar surroundings, but as the tale unfolds the line between the real world and the realm of dreams ultimately disappears. She finds herself in very different places across the ocean with very different people. She converses with Marcel Proust at his favorite meeting place, the Hotel Ritz inParis. She shares a meal with Vincent van Gogh and watches while he paints in the Arlesian sun.

And she meets with a writer by the name of Charles Dickens who gives her a manuscript in which a woman finds herself humbly serving the needs of a group of well-positioned elderly ladies who have gotten together at a remote guest house to play bridge when they know the night will bring a full moon rising over the water. Before they are finished they have a very unexpected visitor with the strange name of Samael. He knows things about them and offers to make a bargain.

Our lives are marked by our memories, written or unwritten, but which lives and what memories? PARISIAN BY HEART tells the story of one personal journey of discovery and revelation.”

The above (except for the Thoreau quote) is the “pitch” I wrote for my book as its entry into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. The book made it into the quarter-final round, but sadly, no further. If the above pitch piques your interest, and you’d like to read more, it is available on Amazon:  and you can ask for it at bookstores as well. Kindle edition available here. Merci, mon amis, et merci beaucoup, Marcel.



  davidstrachan611 wrote @

Qu’est-ce que c’est, ‘aeclectic’?
But what a trio – Proust, Dickens and Van Gogh!

  marimann wrote @

An alternative spelling of eclectic, meaning “made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources”…so anything that strikes my fancy or that I chose as a subject. 🙂 I agree, a trio that one might want to have at a dinner party just to hear what they would talk about!

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