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I went to a Garden Party

Actually, I went to Back Bay Botanicals for a Seed & Poultry Swap, but it was fun enough to be a party. I met new friends and old friends, played with chicks, photographed chickens and a lamb…okay, maybe that’s not your idea of a party but I had a good time.

I'm cute and I know it

Rod had prepared an assortment of seeds, seed pods, bulbs, roots, etc., for me to take to swap with the other folks; here’s our truck with my wares set out on the tailgate…

Ready for business

I had a hard time staying near the truck to do my swapping, I kept wandering around looking at what everybody else had. And I couldn’t resist going inside where the chicks were snuggling under heat lamps.

Baby chicks inside!

Pick Me! Pick Me!

You’ll be amazed to hear I made it out of the building without buying any chicks. But back outside, the temptations continue…

Feathered footrest

One of each, please



Heads or Tails?

So what did I come home with? Just the seeds and plants I swapped our things for- no chickens. I know. You’re shocked. Me too.


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