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Yoga Master and Island Art Day

An amazing thing has happened- a real yoga Master has appeared on our island and is going to build an “International Yoga Institute” here. Why is this so amazing? Because I have been doing yoga off and on since I was a teenager (some 40+ years ago) but have never had an actual teacher, much less one who is a Grand Master. When I say “actual” teacher, I mean a living being- I have only done my yoga through books, tapes and DVD’s, “virtual” teachers, at best. This actual teacher is named Master Adam Nguyen and you can read about him here. I have been attending a weekly one-hour class every Thursday since May (2012) here on the island, and have had several private lessons as well. Master Adam stresses holding poses for lengthy amounts of time, and goes to each student to correct their positions if needed, and sometimes pulls you farther into each pose, to show how much more you are capable of doing, something a virtual teacher cannot give. Having him here has made a great deal of difference in my yoga practice.

The old Foxx house on Parker Lane, that used to be a lifesaving house over the water at Wash Woods.

This house is on the property that Master Adam bought on Knotts Island and he is allowing us (his students) to use it as a place to practice and as a place to have an Art Day. On August 7th, 2012, from 11am to 1pm, we will draw, paint, write, play instruments…whatever art or literary-ness you want to create. Bring supplies (I will also have some there), your creativity, a willingness to share and/or to learn, or just come to enjoy the vibes. Read more about it here and here’s a map.

As a warm-up to Art Day, there will be a one-hour yoga class on the same day, at the same place, at 10am. This class will not be led by Master Adam, but we may have him “virtually”, if we can get a TV set up to play one of his DVD’s. If not, we will follow his guidelines as best we can on our own. Bring your yoga mat or a large towel, some water, and please, no perfumes or strong scents.

Namaste, and see you on Art Day!


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