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She Who Hears The Cries Of The World

Quan Am- She Who Hears the Cries of the World

Quan Am- She Who Hears the Cries of the World

Quan Am

The vase symbolizes her pouring out her compassion on the world

Quan Am

Watching over Knotts Island and the World

Like her counterpart the Virgin Mary, Quan Am, the Boddhisattva of Compassion, hears the heartfelt prayers of the people and responds with compassion and aid.

In keeping with the principles of Buddhism, she brings this blessing: “May all Living Beings be Well, Happy, Peaceful and Secure.”

Originally from India, known there as Avalokitesvara, Quan Am is her Vietnamese name. She is also known in China as Kuan Yin and Kannon in Japan.

This statue, made in Vietnam, now resides in the Perfect Wisdom and Great Compassion Zen Garden at what will be Master Adam Nguyen’s International Yoga Institute on Parker Lane, Knotts Island, NC. All are welcome.




  Shaun wrote @

International. Yoga. Institute. Knotts. Island, NC. I never dreamed that in this single lifetime, I would ever see that bunch of words put together in one phrase. Nice job. We have to get you on the web site.

  marimann wrote @

Shaun~ I know, it’s like some quantum multi-verse version of KI reality. There are already yoga classes on Thursday afternoons at 4p; come some day. Thanks for your kind words and comment.

  steven1111 wrote @

Beautiful statue, beautiful story, beautiful world. Thank you.

  marimann wrote @

Thank you, Steve. You would probably be interested to know that we are filling up the garden with many trees and plants: Dogwoods, tulip trees, local loblolly pines, ginger lilies…I have your recent post up on my desktop right now and I have been enjoying reading your post and looking at your beautiful garden. I like the “Spring Renewal” title! I hope your health continues to improve. Grace and Peace, Mari

  steven1111 wrote @


Your garden sounds just wonderful. I wish I had the room to plant big trees like you’re doing. I’m fond of all the ones you’re putting in. They’ll be beautiful as they grow I’m sure. Thank you for your kind comments on my post and for the good wishes for my health. It’s getting better. Peaceful times to you as well,

  Tamara wrote @

Are yoga classes still offered on Knotts Island? Any information on days and times would be much appreciated and welcomed. thank you for your time.
Dr. Tamara

  marimann wrote @

Hello, Dr. Tamara~ Yoga classes are indeed still offered on Knotts Island. They are held at 204 Parker Lane at 4pm every Thursday afternoon. There is no cost for the class; donations can be made but are not required. Please contact me directly if you need more info: 252.722.1690. Hope to see you there!

  Anonymous wrote @

Hello Mari,
Thank you for the information. Yes, I will call as I have a few questions.
Dr. Tamara

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