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Master Adam Karate-Do Movie

Master Adam Karate Do Master

Master Adam Karate-Do Master

Awhile back I posted about Master Adam Nguyen beginning yoga classes here on Knotts Island (read that post here). A couple of months after I began training with him, after he learned that I was a writer with one published novel (read about that here), he began talking about me working with him to write a book about his life, his training, his philosophy…and some fight scenes thrown in for contrast. Later we began shooting video with an eye towards making a movie loosely based on the book. The book is about 80-90% finished, and Master Adam has now signed a contract with Light Age Films to shoot the movie, partly on Knotts Island.

Press release

As story consultant for the movie, I get to work with Ethan Marten and a host of movie folks that I have yet to meet. The New Year just began, the Year of the Horse, and already my life is galloping into new pastures.



  steven1111 wrote @

Congratulations Mari! This sounds like a wonderful project for you to be involved in. You have the basic understandings of his teachings so your work will have much more reality to it and your writing is so good it’ll do wonders for the book. The film sounds really cool too. What a great start to this New Year for you! I’m so happy for you… 😉

  marimann wrote @

Thank you, Steve. It’s a great group pf creative people and I’m so lucky to be involved with them. We’re a small herd still learning how to pull together! Blessings.

  Suzanne Kennedy wrote @

This is an incredible opportunity for you as a writer and artist. I look forward to learning more about the project. Hopefully we will see you soon.

  marimann wrote @

Yes, Suzanne, I am already learning so much, and everyone that I’ve met that’s connected with this movie seems so creative and talented. Lots of great energy too. Thanks for commenting!

  “Eyes of the Roshi” | She Brings Me Water wrote @

[…] Nguyen, have been working with Light Age Films on a movie starring Master Adam (read the back story here). The movie now has a name: Eyes of the Roshi (roshi means teacher). It has a Facebook page, a […]

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