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Independent Film: “Eyes of the Roshi” (2016)

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There are so many people who don’t “get” or understand why indie films are important. I tell everyone: it’s the life blood of the film industry. With an indie film, one isn’t hampered by people telling you how they think your story should go. If we didn’t have indie film, we wouldn’t have George Romero, Eli Roth, Wes Anderson…you get the idea. It’s the life blood of an industry that spits out movies like a redneck spits chewing tobacco. Indies allow writers. directors, and actors to come together to tell **their** story the way they want. That is why it’s so important to support the indie arts when ever you get the chance.

“Eyes of the Roshi” is the perfect example. Put out by Light Age Films, a Virginia Beach film company, they filmed in and around the city, employing local actors. The movie was written by: Joseph Baum, Dan Cava…

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