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How We Cook

Welcome to Chez Mari’s! 

The menu is pretty simple here.  First we look in the fridge to see what veggie or green needs to be eaten, either because it is a night for greens (we try to have them every other night) or because something may go bad if we don’t eat it PDQ.  This doesn’t actually happen very often since we eat a veg or greens every night, but we don’t like for food to go bad, SO….also if it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, we might eat whatever’s freshest or we have the most of: tomatoes, zucchini, swiss chard, etc.  We had a lot of corn, of course, the summer of 2007 because of our Native American garden, but corn, contrary to some people’s belief, is not a veggie- it’s a starch.  Anyhow, choose the veggie or green.  Steam it.  Season it.  Eat it.  Voila!  Okay, usually we steam it, sometimes we put it in the microwave (which has this great little button that says “Fresh Vegetables”).  Steam till just tender!  Muy importante!

Here are the recipes for some of our standards:


Use fresh broccoli florets. Slice mushrooms in half. Slice onions into quarters. Put all into steamer basket and steam until broccoli is bright green and just tender. Season with lemon pepper seasoning or lemon juice, butter or olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic powder.  Serve with brown rice.



Slice carrots into rounds. Steam until just tender. Season with tarragon, lemon pepper seasoning or lemon juice, and olive oil or butter.  I like couscous with carrots.



Steam until just tender, season with garlic powder, margarine or butter, and bacon bits.  Good with a potato dish.



Slice, do not peel. Steam until clear but not mushy. Season with lemon pepper, butter or olive oil, and dill weed or paprika.  Pretty with anything.

These seasoning suggestions are just that- suggestions. Experiment with seasonings until you find combinations you like.

We use a metal steamer basket for all of the above recipes.

See the Recipes category for more recipes.

The picture above is actually a cafe in Paris, France that Rod took while we were there.


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